Keeping You Safe

 Your safety is very important to us!


Many of our staff members were once patients in the office.  Many more have family members (children and grandchildren) who were or are currently patients.  Safety and infection prevention is a big concern for all of us - not only as staff members but also as parents and grandparents of patients.  Therefore we treat infection control very seriously. Rest assured we follow all current CDC and OSHA guidelines in our practice.  Dr. G insists on it!



Jackie Dorst

 Recently International OSHA and Infection Control Presenter, Jackie Dorst, visited our office for a 2 day staff training seminar to ensure our compliance with all CDC and OSHA guidelines.  While this represented an expense to the office and a loss of productivity, Dr. G and the entire staff feels everything we can do to keep our staff and patients safe is worth the investment.




 the "gulland difference"

Your safety while in our office is of utmost importance to us.  You will find we go above and beyond to protect you!

  • Not every office goes to the level our office does to ensure your safety
  • All of our staff have current CPR certifications
  • All of our staff who take radiographs have been xray certified by the state of Pennsylvania
  • Our sterilization units are monitored weekly by a third party testing facility
  • We have closed water systems at each unit. These systems are regularly maintained, disinfected and tested by a third party testing facility
  • We utilize heat sterilization and autoclaves whenever possible. For items that can not be sterilized with heat, we employ hospital grade, high level disinfection processes    

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