Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy Treatment Coordinator Fun Facts: Wendy has been coaching competitive gymnastics for over 20 years. She enjoys working out, hiking and weight lifting. She currently has a cat (Indy) and dog (Josie) and once owned a chinchilla for over 18 years. If you could learn to do anything what would it be? Fly! What do you miss most about... read more »

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah Chairside Assistant/Lab Tech Fun Facts: I am a graduate of Clarion University. I have a minor in athletic coaching. In my younger years, I went to States for Track. Do you love or hate roller coasters? Hate! Which cartoon character do you wish was real? Pluto. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Dishes! What is your role... read more »

Meet Kim Sue

Meet Kim Sue Chairside Assistant Fun Facts: I love the great outdoors! My 7-year-old and I love everything Halloween – including scary movies. Making my own tie-dye is something I love to do! If you could learn anything what would it be? To do a cartwheel. Have you ever had a nickname? Yes, Dinky Doo. Do you collect anything? Monkeys.... read more »

Meet Kim Stu

  Financial Coordinator Fun Facts: Kim’s favorite “comfort” food is grilled cheese and tomato soup! She and her daughter once rescued two baby squirrels. Kim is the mother of one son and one daughter. What chore do you absolutely hate? Whichever one I am doing – I hate them all! If could learn to do anything what would it be?... read more »

Meet Lynda

Meet Lynda Office Coordinator Fun Facts: I have been referred to as a “crazy cat lady” but I prefer the term “feline enthusiast.” I am a graduate of Slippery Rock University with a degree in Medical Technology. My brother shares my birthday although we are not twins. What cartoon character do you wish was real? Woodstock! Have you ever had... read more »

Wearing Braces and Going Back to School

New Teacher. New Friends. New Classroom. It’s that time of year – time for the school bells to ring!  Some kids are heading to school for the first time in braces, while others have sported their “tin grin” in years past. Luckily, taking care of braces outside of the home is easy – it just takes a little planning. Keeping... read more »

Meet Lavina

Meet Lavina Treatment Coordinator Fun Facts: I love to read and have read as many as two books in one day. I love to cook, but hate to clean up. I grew up in the same area as Dr. G, but we never met until I started working here. What did you want to be when you were little? A... read more »

Making You #GOsmile This Week

Where did the summer #GO?  Hard to believe it is almost the end of summer and soon those school bells will ring. It has been a busy summer at Gulland Orthodontics. We are thankful for all the new friends we have met and happy for those who started their journey to a fabulous #GOsmile!  Of course, when the braces go... read more »

Meet Katey

Meet Katey Chairside Assistant Fun Facts: I was a Raiderette in high school. I am certified to cook on a cruise ship! I am one in three of my entire family that has green eyes. Everyone else has blue or brown. Do you love or hate roller coasters? Love them! We go to Cedar Point every year. Do you hit... read more »

How to Select an Orthodontist

When it comes to you or your child’s smile and bite, you have one opportunity to get it right.  You have choices when it comes to orthodontic offices and the challenge to select the right one may seem daunting.  Making the right decision can be greatly enhanced by understanding and utilizing the following criteria in your selection process. Talk to... read more »