What About My Wisdom Teeth?

Whether is it before braces or after braces, I am often asked about wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth, which are sometimes called “third molars”, usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, that is if they can erupt.  Some people have wisdom teeth that erupt without any problems; however, in many cases, there is not enough room for these teeth... read more »

Why Is an Orthodontist Different?

I am sure you have seen on TV or heard on the radio about “do it yourself” tooth straightening. A few companies have begun to offer a type of aligner treatment that you “do at home”. You submit impressions (taken by yourself) and in turn, you receive a series of plastic aligners (which you insert yourself). During the course of... read more »

What? Non-Essential?

Starting an orthodontic practice 31 years ago as a fresh dental school graduate, to say the least, was scary. Over the years, as with any business, there were challenges. But nothing could prepare me for what happened in March 2020! One of the first realities I had to face was being considered “non-essential”! Talk about a blow to the ego!... read more »