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When it comes to you or your child’s smile and bite, you have one opportunity to get it right.  You have choices when it comes to orthodontic offices and the challenge to select the right one may seem daunting.  Making the right decision can be greatly enhanced by understanding and utilizing the following criteria in your selection process.

Talk to former patients.  Talking to former patients will give you a good picture of what you can expect, not only with treatment results but also with overall office environment and care.  In today’s world, online reviews can also give you a glimpse inside the overall experience with an office.

Technology/Safety. There have been significant advances in orthodontic treatment over the past few years.  Digital radiographs have reduced radiation exposure and digital scanners have eliminated the need for goopy impressions.  Office safety protocols are also very important. Closed water systems chairside have long become the standard; however, rigorous cleaning and routine testing are required to make sure they provide a safe water supply. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having updated cleaning and disinfectant protocols are essential.

Qualifications of the Doctor.  Orthodontic treatment requires a considerable amount of technical skill on the part of the doctor.  Schooling, including an orthodontic residency, and real-case experience is an important consideration when choosing the right provider. Braces themselves are just a tool – it is the skill of the person utilizing the braces that makes the difference in the outcome.

Qualifications of the Staff. The office staff is a critical component of treatment success as well as the overall treatment experience. Certifications, continuing education, customer service, and years of experience ensure you are dealing with a solid group of professionals.