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We are in the business of creating smiles. In reality, our number one priority is keeping you safe and healthy while in our office. How do we do this? It’s a multi-step approach.

We employed the services of top OSHA consultant, Jackie Dorst, to ensure we follow all OSHA and CDC requirements. We either dispose of or sterilize all of our instruments using a variety of products and procedures. On top of that, our sterilizers are checked by an outside company weekly to ensure they are working correctly.

All orthodontic offices need to have a water source at the treatment chairs. Our system is a closed water system. This means the water is not supplied directly from the public water source but instead is treated with antimicrobial agents before use. The water system at each chair undergoes rigorous, routine cleaning and regular testing by an outside company.

Universal precautions are practiced by all of our staff. This simply means we consider every patient to be potentially infectious. Personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, and eye protection are used by all staff. Did you know we have our own washer and dryers? They are used to wash our lab jackets in-house.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken additional steps to ensure our patients, their family and our staff’s health and safety. These include:

1. Removal of all toys, books, crayons, and magazines from our reception area.

2. Closure of our iPad table.

3. Removal of bulk items from our beverage station.

4. Elimination of cookies and other food items.

5. Elimination of touch screen sign in.

6. Elimination of our toothbrushing area. Please be sure to brush at home before you come in for your appointment.

7. We respectfully ask that if you have been sick or have had a fever in the past 48 hours or been around someone who has been sick to please reschedule your appointment.

8. If you have been out of the country in the past 21 days, have been in contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19, or have a fever, shortness of breath or a cough, please reschedule your appointment.

9. Whenever possible have only the patient enter the office. All other family members should remain in the car. We can call to review the appointment and schedule the next appointment.

Together we can keep each other healthy and smiling!