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Meet Kim Sue

Chairside Assistant

Fun Facts:
I love the great outdoors!
My 7-year-old and I love everything Halloween – including scary movies.
Making my own tie-dye is something I love to do!

If you could learn anything what would it be? To do a cartwheel.
Have you ever had a nickname? Yes, Dinky Doo.
Do you collect anything? Monkeys.

What is your role at Gulland Orthodontics?
I am Dr. G’s Scheduling Coordinator. I am the voice you hear on the phone and the first face you see when you enter the office.

Why do you love GO so much?
I love getting to really know our patients over the course of treatment. The office is a relaxing atmosphere that allows us to chat at each visit to keep in touch with what is going on in our patient’s lives.

What else is there to know about Kim Sue?
Kim just recently moved into the Scheduling Coordinator position. For several years Kim was a chairside assistant and the knowledge gained in the role makes her a natural on the clerical side of the office. Kim is our resident trivia expert and meteorologist. Anything you want to know? Ask Kim – she will tell you! Kim is also known to serenade our patients at their visit if the right song comes on. Well, when any song comes on – whether she knows the words or not!