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Meet Kristina

Chairside Assistant

Fun Facts:
I love to kayak!
I have a cat named Kevin.
I attended Sharpsville High School – Go Blue Devils!

What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Laundry!
What did you want to be when you were little? Detective.
Have you ever had a nickname? Yes, Tina.

What is your role at Gulland Orthodontics?
I am a chairside assistant for Dr. G. Before working at GO I attended a dental assisting program. My role as a chairside assistant allows me to build on the skills I learned in school. I also work in our lab printing digital models and making retainers.

Why do you love GO so much?
As a teen, I had my braces at Gulland Orthodontics. It was a great experience for me so I was so happy to be offered a position here. My co-workers are amazing, and how can I not love helping give people smiles?

What else is there to know about Kristina?
Kristina is our youngest employee which makes her so much fun! Some of our staff have been working here longer than Kristina has been alive! She admits she is easily excited. Show her just about anything and you will hear her squeal with delight, “That’s adorable!” Everyone needs a Kristina to keep them young.