Depending on your specific bite adjustment needs, Dr. Charles Gulland may recommend the use of elastics with your braces. Elastics allow an additional level of adjustment by utilizing hooks directly connected to the brackets on your braces, pulling the jaw in a particular direction to adjust the point of contact the bottom teeth make with the top. The light tension that these rubber bands exert on the jaw over an extended period of time will gently coax the jaw into the correct position for a healthy bite. This is an important part of orthodontia, especially for those with a mild to moderate overbite, underbite or crossbite.

Since there could be a few possible configurations with which you could attach the bands, be careful to follow the instructions of our orthodontist regarding elastics to make sure you get the correct results. When used, elastics ought to be worn at all times, only removed for meals and brushing your teeth. Elastics wear out over a few hours, so be sure to regularly replace them, carrying spares with you in case they are needed.

If you need more elastics or have any other questions for Gulland Orthodontics about their use, please give us a call at 724-981-3950 or 724-588-2235 or visit our orthodontic office in Hermitage and Greenville, Pennsylvania.