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Look in the mirror. What do you see? A smile you love or a smile you would love to change? If the answer is the latter, the traditional next step would be to call our office for a free initial exam. This remains a very good option, especially if you are ready to start your journey regardless of the orthodontic treatment needed.

However, if you would like to investigate your orthodontic options without scheduling an in-office consult, there is now another option available. By visiting our website, ( you can request a virtual assessment. After answering a few questions and taking a few photos of your teeth, your information is sent confidentially to Dr. Charles Gulland who will complete a tentative treatment plan. One of our Treatment Coordinators will contact you to discuss the results.

Want to find out if you are a candidate for clear aligner therapy as opposed to traditional braces? Curious as to how long braces or aligners would be needed to get your perfect smile? Interested to find out if any additional appliances or procedures would be needed as part of your treatment? These are just a few of the reasons a virtual assessment may be perfect for you.

Once hearing the results of your assessment, you can schedule a free initial exam in our office to continue your path to a great new smile.

Come on! What are your waiting for? It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s free!