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New Teacher. New Friends. New Classroom. It’s that time of year – time for the school bells to ring!  Some kids are heading to school for the first time in braces, while others have sported their “tin grin” in years past. Luckily, taking care of braces outside of the home is easy – it just takes a little planning.

Keeping teeth and braces clean is important whether at home or at school. Ideally, we recommend brushing after every meal and before bed. If brushing after lunch at school is difficult, brush as soon as possible after school.

Whether packing a lunch or purchasing it at school, it is important to stay away from anything hard or sticky which can break brackets or bend wires.  It is also important to stay away from sugary drinks – pop, juice and sports drinks should be avoided especially when there will be an extended time before brushing. Water remains the best choice for a beverage.

Things other than foods can break or damage braces. Chewing on ice or a pen or pencil as well as crunching ice can break brackets.

Some kids go straight from school to sports practice or games.  When you pack your uniform, helmet, glove, shoes, etc – don’t forget the most important part of your equipment!  We recommend wear of a mouthguard for any sport in which there is potential contact to the mouth. For those wearing braces, a boil and bite mouthguard is the best.

Most often, retainer wear is recommended just at night. This eliminates the risk of losing your retainer or throwing it in the trash at lunch.  However, if daytime wear is needed, it is important to put the retainer in a case when taking it out to eat.

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